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Who We Are

 Our Purpose


A group of dedicated accomplished culinarians joined together in a fraternal educational, not for profit organization to pursue excellence in the culinary profession and to further instill in our peers and young culinarians the desire to excel in our chosen profession.

To represent our profession in a positive manner, to project the highest professional chef image to the industry, general public, news media and our peers.

Membership in the Honorable Order of The Golden Toque is indicative of a lifetime of dedication to the pursuit of excellence in The Culinary Arts.


 Our Mission

To provide and promote a forum for the exchange of culinary knowledge and expertise derived from lifelong learning. So that, we the members, may promote the individual development of young culinarians and improve the overall quality of life in a multi- cultural world community. To enhance the food industry and avail it of the knowledge, talent, and ingenuity of the Golden Toque.

 Our Vision

As the Honorable Order of the Golden Toque advances its’ mission into the future, we see ourselves as a collection of vibrant, senior culinarians, anxious to promote student success in viable teaching and learning environments. We are an association that thrives on continuous improvement for ourselves and those whose lives we effect, as we travel down the path of life.

 Officers - 2010 - 2012

2010 - 2012 Golden Toque Officers
Grand Commander - Michael Minor
Commander Secretary - James L. Miller
Commander Treasurer - Joel Tanner
Commander Ex-Officio -
Thomas J. Hickey, Sr.

Board of Directors
Derek Spendlove - 3 years
Helen Merkle - 3 years
Van Atkins - 2 years
Scott Gilbert - 2 years
John Zehnder - 1 year
Michael Garbin - 1 year


 Code of Ethics

Adopted at Annual Meeting, May 23, 1988

Whereas, we the Members of the Honorable Order of the Golden Toque stand united in our conviction that in dealing with our fellow members and the members of our industry there is a definite need for an association where integrity means more than personal profit; where “service, quality and honor” means more than personal gain and where honesty is the true standard of membership.

Now therefore, we the members of the Honorable Order of the Golden Toque, do bind ourselves in fraternal bond with the adoption of this Code of Ethics, with each and every member, together and alone agreeing that he will:

1. Use honesty and integrity in the acting and performance of all association dealing.

2. Maintain conduct in accordance with the Standard of “Service, Quality and Honor” of the Golden Toque and in compliance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Order.

3. Strive continually to Promote Education, Progress, Fraternity, and Dignity of the Golden Toque in order that the Membership may better be served.

4. Endeavor to expose all schemes to defraud the Membership and to aid in the prosecution of those responsible, including sanction of any Member of this Order found to be involved.

5. Encourage the American system of free enterprise throughout the Culinary Profession and oppose all invasions of our Rights as Private Independent Human Beings.

 1960's Annual Meeting Peabody Hotel Memphis, TN


 Favorite Recipes